Zombie Jesus? City Legal Newcastle, April 5

Easter is coming, when Christians celebrate what seems like an amazing claim: that Jesus Christ rose from the dead! Is this just a first century Zombie story, or is it grounded in historical events? The Newcastle Christian Lawyers Fellowship, in partnership with “City Legal”, invite those who want to consider this claim to come to a breakfast meeting on Wednesday April 5, 7:30-8:30 am, at NuSpace (the city campus of Newcastle Uni, corner of Hunter St and Auckland St), room x-703.

Does it really matter whether Jesus rose from the dead? And just how much weight can be placed on the evidentiary material in the New Testament? Join us at our second-ever Newcastle City Legal as David Robertson returns to answer these (and other!) questions.

More information here, and registration is open now! Charge is $5 (and free coffee), or $10 for pastries with coffee. Everyone is welcome to come: lawyers, law students, or those just interested in the questions!