Some upcoming Law & Religion events

A short post plugging some forthcoming Law & Religion events here in Australia which look to be excellent.

Last year I was honoured to help host the Freedom for Faith 2015 conference. This year there are two conferences sponsored by this excellent organisation, both of which look terrific. “Freedom for Faith”, to quote their website, is “a Christian legal think tank that exists to see religious freedom protected and promised in Australia.”

The first one-day conference, on Friday August 12 in Sydney, is aimed particularly at Christian leaders. Speakers include Dr Michael Ovey (Oak Hill College London), Professor Iain Benson (Notre Dame Law School), Rev Kanishka Raffel (Anglican Dean of Sydney), Dr Megan Best – ethicist, Dr Sam Chan – Evangelist City Bible Forum, Archbishop Julian Porteous – Catholic Archbishop of Hobart, Lyle Shelton – Australian Christian Lobby & more.

The second, on Friday September 23 in Melbourne, features a range of academics and other policy makers.  The theme for this one is ‘Religious freedom in an age of equality’. The keynote speaker is Father Frank Brennan. Other speakers include: Anne Robinson (Founding Partner ProLegis Sydney), Prof. Iain Benson (Notre Dame Law School Sydney), Mark Sneddon (Melbourne Bar), Prof. Patrick Parkinson (Sydney University Law School), Asssociate Prof. Patrick Quirk (Australian Catholic University Law School).

As I say, both look to be great events and would be good value for anyone interested in Law and Religion issues in Australia.