Truck-driving and religious freedom

These two ideas don’t automatically sound related, but they came up in a recent news item from the Boston Globe here. Can a Catholic firefighter object when asked to drive a fire truck in a “gay pride” parade? The court ruled they could not.
I think this case is close to the edge, but on balance went the wrong way. An employee with religious convictions about the sinfulness of homosexual behaviour ought, in my view, be allowed to decline to participate in activities the sole purpose of which is to affirm and celebrate such behaviour. Of course it would be different if, for example, there was a fire involved, even if it were a fire that broke out on one of the floats! There saving life and property would be the issue and employees should, and I imagine would, be happy to do the job. But to be asked to play this supporting role in a purely symbolic affirmation of homosexuality is going too far. It seems that it would have been perfectly possible for the employees to not have been rostered on this duty.
These issues are similar to those which came up in the Ladele case a few years ago in the UK and in Europe. See a recent paper here which comments on some of the issues.